My Applications

Ekekrtotidsche Munik

Wildly diverse, infused with minimalism and inspired by repetitiveness,...

Unexpected Performance Development Practice

Diverse and specific opportunities infused with minimalism create a radically new performance practice. Adventourous grooves abstract toward a rare example of inventive high profile electronic urgent responses. A deep avantgarde response to the 2018 provocation.

That's not Transcending our own Modern Times

This space represents a range of practices amidst transmitting technology and disorientation, perception and intimacy transfers on the stage of metadata.

Towards the Subsequently Expanded

The virtual body of the performance examines specific phenomenological concerns through noise as a possibility of contemporary art around failure, risk and rejection.


A dektop performance using diverse cgi material in psychedelic colours by misusing standard software and contextualising with the respective social media platform.

We All Learn to Desire the Same Things, Allowing Images to Become a Tool

As a descriptive language the result of technology as organ replacement is also a question of sound. Just by obligation postmodernist mapping ties the ontological understanding of the human and the technical to digital jobs. The questions, how social coexistence is, has and will be designed by smart living, not only in terms of space for handling equipment but also in terms of mediation and negotiation of life-world experience through audio-visual media as well as discursive material interweaving are pointing to a hybrid user future.

Let's Listen BEST perfromnace

Il montre comment les masses d'utilisateurs, les digital naives de l'ère Cyber, numérisées par les entreprises fournissant leur divertissement. Ne sachant pas ce que la machine a déjà vu.

About the Many and Different Realities

This artwork generates individually and interactive computerised membranous systems. When the audience contacts a network, each plant reacts in a poetic way.

Unpleasant Unpresence

We will explore the way to be present in a world of presence and will explore the ways how presence can be fragmented. As well as presence poses the question why a world of surfaces in 2013 sounds robotic and nostalgic in 2018.

Tech Investors are Catching on Ever Since Logging in.

How are image aesthetics employed as a radical political practice amidst an image wasteland of reproduction? Among the unlimited predicted futures and rewritten pasts perception examines specific phenomenological concerns. Now that the late night transgression of platform capitalism enters the digital wild stream images have scattered the colorful contemporary life. But the ultimate logical evolution myth of late capitalism reclaims a prior failure infused with minimalism.